SaaWee accentuates the musical electricity between the old and new: Korean shaman rhythm and contemporary languages created through violin and janggu. This unique collaboration between Sita Chay (Latin Grammy winning violinist based in New York),  Jihye Kim (provocative percussionist of Urban Sound based in London) suggests a new spiritual direction for the current society.

SaaWee: Contemporary Korean Shaman Ritual music group, was formed by Sita Chay, Latin Grammy winning violinist from New York and Jihye Kim, a leading contemporary Korean percussionist in the UK. Shortly after forming the group, they made a remarkable debut in London in July 2018 and September 2018 in New York receiving immediate sensation. SaaWee was invited to perform at The Same River, Twice Festival in Boston (October 2018), and Hartford University (October 2018) where they received a standing ovation from the entire audience. Their original composition allows the unique combination of violin and janggu to expand the horizon of Korean traditional music with their experimental improvisational skill. SaaWee’s musical blend of Korean traditional shamanic rhythm and western contemporary chordal language pay homage to both new and old, east and west.