“Delicate Powerhouse!They move on a cross between virtuosity and shamanism. Sita Chay, Kim Jihye and Sung Youjin appear on the stage like procession goddesses; descended from painted skies. Presumably in the combination is a laborante joy of experiment. The musicians give their art a healing effect. The Korean Mask Dance also experiences a veiled resurrection in the interplay of an already legendary ensemble before every beginning.” – Jamal Tuschick

“It was one of those unrepeatable experiences that you can only get when top musicians are improvising in collaboration with each other …a magical evening, in which the audience were taken on a serene trip through emotional highs and lows, astounded that two players could produce such a rich and varied musical experience. This is a duo I would unhesitatingly prioritise to listen to again, and I would urge you to go see them if you get the chance.” – Philip Gowman

“Haunting, Surreal Korean Shamanistic Magic …..The music was a ride on a haunted roller coaster. Chay didn’t play as much readily discernible Korean melody as she alluded to it, whether via the blues, or several increasingly slashing intervals where her jagged shards and short, sharp, biting phrases brought to mind legendary violin improviser Billy Bang. Kim saved her fireworks for a couple of brief, thundering cadenzas, working both boomy ends of the janggu as well as a set of contrastingly delicate, small metal gongs and a single cymbal. Otherwise, she drifted between a forlorn, funereal pulse, spacious resonance from the gongs and thoughtful outward trajectories from both.” – Delarue


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